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Original Feature Screenplay: STELLA makes a KILLER entrance!

Power and Intrigue make for a dangerous combination

When New York's prestigious and avant-garde fashion magazine, Rellik, hits the stands every month, it creates a frenzy for the world's' Fashion forward elite. Models and creative directors from all over the globe pine at the chance to be featured. Even more so, catch the eye of the Magazine's brilliant mastermind and Editor and Chief, Ms. Stella Dubois.

In the world of fashion, her opinion is God, and God is indeed mysterious.

For one young reporter, Gabriel Accardi, who is on the brink of eviction and career suicide, one such mystery is all he needs to turn the tables on his broken life. When he starts to decode the magazine's "fine print" his curiousity lures him to a rabbit hole of murderous scandal.

Will his persistence in taking on the biggest titan in Fashion history prove to be heroic or will uncovering a puzzle in plain sight get him right where the killer wants him to be.

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