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Meet the photographer/writer

I have had a love affair with photography that would put most marriages to shame. That whole scenario, if you could grab three things out of your burning house what would they be: Kid, Camera, dog, and my plant named Norman. My love affair with the art of capture started young as it proved to be a necessary escape from a harrowing reality. To see a world through the lens was the doll you drag everywhere with you that your Mom has to beg you to let go of, enough for her to wash it. Once I had a camera I never put it down.


My first photoshoot was between me and a butterfly with ripped wings. I went through 23 rolls of film...then proceeded to take them all to the 1 hour photo. Needless to say that RiteAid photo person was not my biggest fan. I digress. 


Then Adulthood hit: a wave of responsibilities that made me put the camera up and the suit on to take on corporate America...the affair I regret. Became a mom ( not something I regret), college, boss, author, soon to be filmmaker. Everything comes full circle when you're passionate about what you want. 


Without passion....what good is the affair, am I right? Talking dreams people, stay with me. Don't cheat, that is frowned upon. But more importantly don't cheat yourself. I have something I live by :" Leave people better than you found them" ~Marvin Ashton. I strive to do this with every photoshoot and to bring out the parts of people that have laid dormant for far too long.


So let me shoot you. (figuratively speaking of course.)

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