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In regard to Writing:

Writing has been my escape from an early age, as an avid poetry writer, however I am very new to screenwriting. I was introduced to it through a good friend of mine just in 2018. After I wrote my first short screenplay, I was completely hooked and thus the birth of another great passion of mine. From there, my screenwriting and filmmaking prospects only grew as I hit the festival circuit for much needed feedback and secured a few wins as well. My ideas are endless and I hope to share them on the big screen one day.


"Writing is like walking down that long darkened corridor that is both the warning and the invite. The words drip down the walls and you don't know whether to be fearful for what has happened here or outstretch your hands as you walk and smear it into art. Writing is the Fierce and the Fragile."

In regard to Photography: 

I have had a love affair with photography that has spanned a better part of 3 decades. I started shooting photography at a very young age and discovered my niche for black and white photography. Something about the desaturated images stood out to me. It moved me in ways no color photo could. 


“To photograph is to encapsulate a piece of time in which a dormant entity reveals itself. An unveiling. Something craving to be captured.”


As the world went digital, my desire to learn new techniques evolved as well. I consider myself a professional student, as there are always opportunities to learn. There are no ceilings to being creative and with each client, I get to collaborate my vision with theirs and truly make something we can both be proud of.


I have something I live by :"Leave people better than you found them" ~Marvin Ashton. I strive to do this with every photoshoot/script/book and to bring out the parts of people that have laid dormant for far too long.


So let me shoot you. (figuratively speaking of course.)

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