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Novella Bex takes an activist stance with latest sci-fi, suspense, screenplay series, called SANCTUM

SANCTUM makes it to the semi-finalist round for Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival

It is the year 2038 where Marshall Law has given birth to a Dystopian society. For one brilliant doctor and former activist, Gemma Thompson, this means a routine that limits her life to weight monitoring, population control, permissions slips, and dealing with predators not afraid to be out in the open.

With a supportive husband by her side in her desire for a better world, the two run into a tragic situation where an opportunity for change reveals itself. An unusual alliance with a brilliant robotics engineer, a no-nonsense guard, and a flirtatious Irish pilot; help Gemma to descend into a place she never could have imagined. And unearth a secret organization run by

Fierce. Female. Energy!

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