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Why so expensive?

Every artist gets asked this at least 20 times throughout their career. What I say to this is, keep in mind what all you are getting. You are not just getting photos, you are getting the experience of being photographed along with well-taken photos. You are paying for the equipment being used. The time. The studio if they have one. The  transit costs to shoot venue/location. The photography assistant's time. The hours of editing of a finished product to be proud of, not to mention any printed work.

I often hear, "well I can just do this myself for that amount of money!" I wholeheartedly believe in everyone's abilities to create, it is in us all. For some of us however, this is our calling. We have spent years being educated and experimenting in our craft. We have experience in making someone come alive in a photo session. You are paying for the experience as well and if you could or would be willing do it yourself, I imagine we wouldn't be having the conversation about my services.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Of course you can! However please understand that I will only be photographing you. Often times friends can help bring out a certain flare to your photos, other times they can hinder, so choose your friend wisely if you wish to bring one!

Why do I have to sign a photo release agreement?

I run a business and often times my advertising consists of work I have done. I use social media and other media portals to showcase my work, along with branding events. I also create many art forms, including but not limited to, digital art for my Bexibit gallery. In order for me to continue promoting my business I have a signed agreement giving me the right to do so prior to every session. If a photo release is not signed, then I do not continue with that client and instead recommend them to other photographers.

But I am shy and I don't photograph well.

I have many shy clients, I consider this one, a challenge accepted, and two, an honor to prove wrong. I love all my clients; shy and bold alike! I always consult with every photography client.

We go over a "vision board" for what I have in mind for their specific shoot. Photos are meant to be personal and crafted to each person's representation of themselves. Your vision plus my vision to enhance equals pure magic!

What if I need my hair and makeup done?

I have excellent recommendations for both hair and makeup! They have their own pricing, let me know ahead of time if you would like to use their services for our shoot and I will set up contact for you!

What if I have to cancel or do it another time, do I lose my money?

Unfortunately, I have had this happen which is why my consults are free, but after an agreed date a deposit of half the session fee is required. I do this because I know life happens, however I did in fact not schedule any other session for the date agreed upon, so out respect for my business, my time is still valuable. Now, I will tell you, every person that has had to cancel, we simply set up a date that better works for them. I get life happens and we can work it out for a later date always

Why don't you photograph children under 12 or weddings or pets?

Ok, I am going to get real with you about this, as I get asked to do more weddings and kids than anything! I love kids, however, do you remember when you took family photos when you were young? If that question wasn't self-explanatory, allow me to elaborate.

Kids sometimes dread photos, when that happens parents struggle to make them comply or be engaged to take photos or good ones. Often times parents get mad and kids get upset and then I am left with making kids smile enough through tears or pissed off faces and no offense, I don't have the time and neither do you considering you are paying me for mine.

Pets, same thing...I am unfortunately not a pet or little kid whisperer, I envy the photographers that are, but I have to be honest with my strengths in order to provide you exceptional services. As for weddings, and this is nothing against wedding photographers, but weddings for me are the death of my creativity. I did weddings for 7 years and it is not my cup of tea to photograph them. I have some great references for wedding photographers if needed though!

I am not a model, what if I don't know what to do, how to pose?

As your photographer, I will also be the director of your photo shoot. Along with our beginning consult, we will go over posing, how to feel comfortable with your body and how to enhance your features! I even give a little homework prior to shoot date to assist with these types of concerns so no need to worry! You will be well prepared for your shoot!

Do you only photograph certain body types only?

Absolutely not! I feel in order to be a true artist, you must be inclusive. I have photographed many bodies. I am a lover people and whatever form they come in. During our consult we will talk about your specific body type and how we can photograph it beautifully!

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