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There is hope yet still for all the flowers that bloomed in Hell.

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A piece of her soul has been shared with the world.

Novella Bex's debut is anything but subtle. Inside that beautiful cover, it is raw. She makes herself vulnerable and shares a piece of her soul with the world in hopes of helping others understand they too can bloom, even when they are in their darkest times. I was drawn into the book and had to read it more than once to try to really "see" it all. One of my favorite lines : "Watch me Triumph, Watch me forgive you"
I look forward to future publications from her. 

Reading a Book

Kerry J.

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Emotional And Inspirational!

I am not normally into poetry but was seriously taken with the rawness of this book. It was emotional, uplifting and a clear depiction of survivorship and courage!

Book and Coffee

Chazz W.

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Triumphant and Emotional!

It Blooms Amongst the Ashes, what an incredible journey this book took me on! Each poem evoked emotions from deep sorrow to true compassion, to triumph. I highly recommend!

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Van. D

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A truly powerful and moving testament about overcoming pain and suffering. A triumphant & emotional display of strength, courage and perseverance!

Woman Holding a Book

Windy J.

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Just Wow!

I am laying in my bed and have started reading. The word "powerful" doesn't come close. I have just posted to my facebook group for women to get a copy!

Reading at Home


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Very Powerful!

I am not one who normally reads poems, but I came across her book on Instagram and thought I would look it up. The beginning is dark but powerful and you can sense that the author is speaking from experience. It is tragic that anyone would have to go through such abuse, but it shows the tenderness of a soul screaming for help. This book also includes poems of healing and fighting and not giving up. It isn't a light read, but the voices of those who have gone through such trauma and pain, can raise the most awareness because they know what it is like. Sexual abuse is very real and we can only make a difference if we pay attention and listen to the silent voices around us.

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